A Closer Look at Personal Loans

There may be certain times in your life where you find yourself struggling with your finances. It may be due to a medical emergency, an unexpected loss in the family, a calamity that has affected your home, or a huge life event like a wedding.

Whatever the reason for your financial trouble may be, getting a personal loan may be the solution you are looking for. In this post, Bessemer Finance Company offers you a guide on how you can qualify for this type of loan:

What Is a Personal Loan?

A personal loan or an unsecured loan, as it is also called, isn’t backed by collateral like car loans or mortgages. However, similar to any other type of loan, it also accrues interest and therefore must be paid monthly.

It is a viable solution for anyone with a healthy credit score and can pay the monthly amount they borrowed. Of course, the key to successfully using this loan is ensuring that your loan repayment won’t in any way get in the way of your financial obligations, including your savings.

How Can You Apply and Qualify for a Loan?

Like with other loan types, you will have to go through a loan application process wherein the lender will assess whether you are someone eligible for this type of financial solution. This can often be done online.

Before all that, though, you should first determine which route you’re going to take – traditional or non-traditional. The former involves banks and credit unions. There are also lenders and other platforms that can provide you with peer-to-peer loans that are funded by investors.

The requirements for personal loans vary depending on the lender, but most of them will evaluate your credit history, your existing debts, your income, and cashflow. There may be a minimum credit score that you’ll have to meet. Others also consider the purpose of the loan.

What Happens If You’re Denied?

If for some reason you did not get approved for the personal loan, you have the right to ask the lender why.

They are required by the law to inform you of the determining factors that contributed to their decision to deny you. You should find out the reasons because they may be ones that you can easily address, like lacking certain documents or needing to file an updated application. However, if the reason for the rejection is a poor credit score, you might want to work on getting your finances straightened out first.

What Are the Common Uses for Personal Loans?

The best thing about personal loans is that you can use them for whatever purpose you want. One of the most common ones is to consolidate high-interest credit card debts, especially if the terms of the loan are better than what you’re currently paying for the credit card.

Other uses include financing huge purchases like furniture, home remodels, or travel.


These are just some of the basic information that you need to know about personal loans. As you can tell now, it is indeed a great option if you are in need of quick cash – as long as you have a good credit score and you have the ability to make monthly payments. If it’s something that you think can help your current situation, don’t hesitate to inquire about small personal loans from reputable lenders.

Bessemer Finance is an established company that can provide you with personal loans in Bessemer, AL. Contact our team to find out about the requirements or to apply for one today!

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